Yellow Peril (2015)

(Installation, Video, Work)

Yellow Peril explores the impact of mining and immigration on the Australian identity. Ron Robertson-Swann’s infamous Vault (1980) sculpture is the starting point for Lim’s performative and playful video work, which features a gold Mao-suited ‘Ambassador’ sent back in time to the goldfields of the 1850s (through the historical theme park of today – Sovereign Hill). Inspired by the observational comedy of Jacques Tati’s PlaytimeYellow Peril takes a localised look at the evolving dynamics between Australia and China and the interconnected nature of our socio-economic future; the personal and political search for wealth and alluvial fulfillment. Comprising video, sculpture and digital prints, the work was exhibited at Bus Projects (Mel) and Metro Arts (Bris).

Video (17min 59sec, Single-Channel HD, Colour, Sound), Installation, Sculpture, Digital Prints

Collaborators: Tim Hillier (Camera), Dan West (Sound), Kat Chan (Costume, Props), Installation Documentation by Zan Wimberley