Yellow Peril (2015)

(Installation, Video, Work)

Yellow Peril explores the impact of mining and immigration on the Australian identity. Ron Robertson-Swann’s infamous Vault (1980) sculpture is the starting point for Lim’s performative and playful video work, which features a gold Mao-suited ‘Ambassador’ sent back in time to the goldfields of the 1850s (through the historical theme park of today – Sovereign Hill). Inspired by the observational comedy of Jacques Tati’s PlaytimeYellow Peril takes a localised look at the evolving dynamics between Australia and China and the interconnected nature of our socio-economic future; the personal and political search for wealth and alluvial fulfillment. Comprising video, sculpture and digital prints, the work was exhibited at Bus Projects (Mel) and Metro Arts (Bris).

Format: Video (17min 59sec, Single-Channel HD, Colour, Sound), Installation, Sculpture, Digital Prints

Collaborators: Tim Hillier (Camera), Dan West (Sound), Kat Chan (Costume, Props), Installation Documentation by Zan Wimberley