True Estate at Open House (26.07.2017)

(Exhibition, News, Performance)

1 August – 4 September, 2017
Opening: 1 August, 2017, 6 – 8pm
True Estate Dallery, The Alderman (upstairs)
134 Lygon St East Brunswick

Exploring the social, economic and physical experience of living and housing for artists.

Eugenia is included in Open House, an exhibition that will present a collection of artists objects and artworks and display them within a framework of reconstructed furniture and DIY building materials. The concept of Open House is to amass a collection of creative responses to housing specifically from artists so as to explore the emotional, economic, social and physical circumstances of living as an artist, historically and today.

True Estate is an eclectic new gallery project by Melbourne based artists Beau Emmett and Elvis Richardson located upstairs at The Alderman, a bespoke deco bar @ 134 Lygon Street, East Brunswick. True Estate will present a program of curated exhibitions that engage with the accumulative and collective state of things today. True Estate is interested in situating contemporary art practices in dialogue with the built environment and the domestic scale, international style, free markets and personal taste, artists collecting practices, true crime, urban myths and the realities of the artists lifestyle in Australia today.