The Australian Ugliness (08.08.2018)

(Exhibition, Installation, News, Video Art)

A video installation by Eugenia Lim

23 July – 25 August 2018
Exhibition Opening: Friday 27 July, 6pm
Melbourne School of Design

The Australian Ugliness pays homage to modernist architect Robin Boyd (1919–1971) and his book of the same name, while exploring the ethics and aesthetics of Australia today. The three-channel video installation brings forward a female, performative and Asian-Australian perspective to the screens and spaces of Australia. With visual poetry, pathos and wit, this is Australia rendered both familiar and strange, a country at once confident and ever-anxious. Led by the gold-suited figure of The Ambassador (performed by Lim), the artist-filmmaker shape-shifts as student, tourist, client, property investor and resident across more than 30 sites and spaces across Australia, interrogating the diversity, liveability and the sustainability of “the Australian Dream”.’

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