ANDON (01.06.2024)

(News, screening)

Curated by Vincenzo Estremo
@ Cinema Fratelli Marx
Corso Belgio 53, Torino (ITA)
Screening program
16 & 21 May, 6 June

At the dawn of Toyotaism there were small semiotic lights called andons, luminous signals that take their name from traditional Japanese paper lanterns. The andon board is an information apparatus that has contributed to pushing work in the direction of increasing automation in which efficiency and perfection depend on abstract luminous signs scattered throughout the production spaces. Taking inspiration from the renewed function of these “magic lanterns” of contemporary industry, the three chapters of the program—labour, ghost, faith—trace a historical path through experimental cinema and moving images, with the aim of defining the destinies of contemporary work and its growing automation.

Featuring Céline Condorelli and Ben Rivers, Simon Fujiwara, Bo Wang, Eugenia Lim and more…