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“All of this is temporary.”
– Mark Fisher

In this series of kaleidoscopic digital collages, images of state or self-surveillance and narcissism meet Old Tjikko (a 9,500-year-old spruce thought to be one of the world’s oldest living plants) to become ‘future fossils’; systems and lifeforms in a state of petrification. Fusing stock images, 3D hyper-real marble forms and archival analogue photos, these images suggest a future in which surveillance, patriarchy and oppression will cease to exist. Inspired by philosopher Mark Fisher (1968–2017) and his theory of ‘capitalist realism’, these collages were assembled from imagery gleaned from the internet – the living archive of the present. Fisher believed that in order to create a more equal world, we must rediscover our radicality. According to Fisher, the dominance of the ‘free market’ at every level of our society, from our economies through to our dreams, could be overcome by regaining our consciousness: to class struggle, to experimental states of being, and our collectivity and connectedness to all living things. ALL OF THIS IS TEMPORARY was created by the artist in isolation during, and in response to, the constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Solidarity Poster Campaign

Help pay the rent for Indigenous Sovereignty and Climate Justice

$35 per poster or $95 for a set of three (postage included)
A3 printed poster on 100% recycled stock
You can pay via Paypal – all proceeds go to Pay the Rent and Seed Mob

To purchase, email hellosolidaritylim [AT] gmail.com with your name, postal address and the name of the poster you’d like (L-R): monolith, selfie, CCTV

Here in Australia, all non-Indigenous people live and work on stolen land. For more than 200 years, the colonial project has perpetuated systematic violence, racism, genocide, incarceration, environmental and cultural desecration and subjugation on its First Nations people.

You can purchase your own ALL OF THIS IS TEMPORARY poster (A3 print on 100% recycled stock), with all proceeds going to two Indigenous-led organisations working towards social and climate justice for First Nations people here in Australia: Pay the Rent and Seed Mob. Of the six images in the series, the three below are available for $35 each (or $95 for a set of three).

Eugenia is committed to the continuing process of unlearning colonial myths and working towards Indigenous sovereignty. The SOLIDARITY POSTERS campaign is a small act of contributing towards a more socially and ecologically just world with First Nations and culturally diverse knowledge and voices at its centre.

Public Art Commission

Dimensions: Variable
Materials: Printed Decals
Venues: Arts House
Supporters: Commissioned by Arts House
Photos: Sarah Walker


Digital collages are available as A3 printed ‘solidarity posters.’ Email hellosolidaritylim@gmail.com to purchase